Dream seeding recipe: A way to work with the dreaming lands…

A way to work with the dreaming lands

Bowl of water
Pen & paper/ recording device
A bed
An enquiry

Enchant your sleep space with scents, lights and sounds.
Bring a vessel full of water to your bedside and light a candle.
Become curious about the part of you who is ‘the one who dreams’
Soften your gaze on the fires’ flickering and spend time connecting to your dreamer.
Create a heartfelt intention to the dreamtime asking for some dream insight into a question you have.
Take a sip from your bowl of water. Notice the sensation of the water as it enters your mouth and slips into the deep mystery your body.

Notice the images and sensations in your body as sleep folds towards you, and you slip into the deep mystery of the dreaming.
While you drift across the border between waking and sleeping, carry your question with you so you can drop it into the dreaming lands to seed.
May metaphors take root and sprout throughout the night.

As you emerge from the dreaming, stay soft and keep stillness in the body and mind.
Hold space for the dream-drifts to rise from the deep mystery of the dreaming.
Watch the dreams rise through your body and into your waking world.
If dreams are illusive, try slowly moving into one of your well-known sleep positions.
Your body has a somatic memory of the dreams, a vessel that holds them. Keep it slow so you don’t spill them. 

Gently dip your fingers into your dream water by your bedside.
Connect this waking-world water with the dream-full water inside you.
Gently dip your consciousness back into the dreaming.
Reach out and catch the edges of your dream whisps.
Record your dream.

Carry your vessel of dream water outside, or to a plant pot and pour the living imagination of dreams back into the soil, to merge with the deep dreaming inside the living land.
Perhaps it will re-emerge in some other time, in some other dream, in some other dreamer.
Write, paint, sing dance, share your dreams!

* If dream recall is challenging, try this for a week:

  •   As you drift towards sleep each night, experiment with saying the phrase “Tonight, I will remember my dreams”
  •   As you wake, stay in your sleep position and bring awareness to any feelings, colours, senses, or images that are still with you.
  •   Your body has a somatic memory of dreams, slowly shift into a few of your familiar sleep positions and see what comes
  •   Have a pen and paper ready and write down anything at all you remember, even if it’s just one word. Even if it’s nothing- write that down




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