D R E A M   C R O S S I N G


July 1st- August 12th

Meditate, share dreams, make connections
Social Dreaming at The Cockpit
Wednesdays 7 pm- 8.30 pm

A Solstice Dream Incubation


June 20/21st 

Very happy to be weaving some dreaming space into The Department of Dreams online festival for Civic Square, with dream weavers Kate Genevieve and Paola Bay. 

The Land Is Dreaming Now

Under lockdown, the world turned outside-in. This unexpected mass retreat into our homes has had a profound effect on dreaming, making dreams more vivid and complex, as we collectively navigate the uncharted waters of what lies ahead.

In this moment between moments, while the balance between human activity and the natural world redress, how might the landscape of our dreaming change?

Can we use our dreams as a way to re-connect, to listen to the present and to re-imagine the future?

How has the natural world and beyond been present in your dreaming in you during lockdown?. I'm making an audio dream collage and would love to hear your dreams of the waters, the animals, the wilds, the trees and into deep space. Record them on your phone and send them to Kate using the contact form here


Deep dreams to you all dear dreamers XK