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      W E   U S E D   T O   D R E A M   T O G E T H E R 


I’m Kate Alderton, a dream researcher with a background in the arts, ever curious about finding ways to soften the borders between waking and dreaming, and passionate about opening up spaces where we can re-ignite the ancient art of dreaming-in-community again.


     Dreaming can be a complimentary map to waking life, illuminating some of the fainter road markings as we walk past the edges of the known


Dreaming with others helps voice the whispering at the edges of the heart. Helps cup the ears to the dreaming soil beneath our feet and hear its calls to action. Helps us smuggle treasures from the dream spaces and weave them in impossible ways back into waking reality.


I’ve attended dream training with Arnold and Amy Mindell, The Centre For Social Dreaming and with dreamer Formica Coriandolo from the eco artistic dreaming community of Damanhur


As well as a dreamer, I’m an actress and producer with The Mycelium Theatre and am ever curious about how to keep drawing from the abundant landscape of the dream states to be more creative in waking life.


S H A L L  W E   D R E A M?


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