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Into The Deep

These are tender times we’re living through. Dwelling in this much uncertainty can be challenging.   There are so many aspects of life to reconsider and re-negotiate: our work and finances; our child and elder care; our relationship to loved ones, to the earth, to the health of our bodies and to time itself.

Amidst it all, large parts of the world have quieted out there: the streets are hushed, the skies clear, the sounds of the natural world in balance. A temporary gap has opened, a moment between moments. Can we nurture that space in between? Be willing to exist in it a while and curious about what might emerge from it?

“Another world is possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing” Arundhati Roy

The outside world and all its frenetic energy seem so ready to turn their focus inwards, searching for new places to inhabit as many of us retreat into our living spaces. There’s an infinite list of ‘could be/should be doing’ things lapping at life’s shores.

Now is a good time to practice deep listening in a way that is sensitive to all parts of our experience as we navigate our way through these unchartered waters. Take some time during this gap to fold inside before the world rushes in.  Listen to the breath and the body, to your dreaming, to the land, and to loved ones. Stand gentle guard at the edges of the self and keep some space free for the quieter voice to emerge. For the grief, the gratitude, the solitude, and the wonder.

Written and first published for AMLY, April 2020

Image: Leon Berkowitz

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